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 ===== Our Next Event ===== ===== Our Next Event =====
-==== 2nd Annual Davis SIAM Round-table on Summer Internships,​ Workshops, and Extra-Academic Experiences ==== +Stay tuned for our next event!
- +
-//October 6th, 2016//\\ +
-//​Mathematical Sciences Building, Room 1147, Time: 2-3 pm// +
- +
-Back by popular demand! This event gives students the chance to learn about internships and other extra-academic opportunities from their fellow UC Davis graduate students. The goals are to increase awareness of industrial applications ​for mathematics,​ and provide a social forum where students interested in applied mathematics can exchange expertise. Snacks will be provided!+
 ===== How to Get Involved ===== ===== How to Get Involved =====
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