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The UC Davis chapter of SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) is committed to promoting the interests of students in all forms of applied mathematics at UC Davis. We have several social and academic events that foster interaction between students of varying disciplines and with professionals in industry, all of whose work is tied to mathematics in some way.

The SIAM chapter is open to both undergraduate and graduate students from any department. See below for how to join. Students are encouraged and welcomed to participate in SIAM-sponsored events even if they are not members.

Our Next Event

Title TBA
Speaker TBA, NASA JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
May 13, 2016, 3:10-4:00 PM
Mathematical Sciences Building, Room 1147

How to Join

Membership in the UC Davis SIAM Chapter is open to undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, and faculty in any department. There is no cost to join. Simply send us an email (siam[at]math[dot]ucdavis[dot]edu) with your name, standing (undergraduate, graduate, postdoc, faculty, etc.), department, and email address.

Once we receive your request, we'll add you to our listserv on the UC Davis email list service, which we use to communicate UC Davis SIAM news and events. Additionally, all students can obtain a free student membership in SIAM. Benefits of having a SIAM membership include member discounts on SIAM books, free online access to the SIAM Review journal, a mail subscription to the monthly SIAM News magazine, and much more.

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