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Below is a partial list of our chapter membership. If you would like to be included in this list, please send your relevant information to siam[at]math[dot]ucdavis[dot]edu. And don't forget to become a SIAM member!


Name Department
Robert Gysel Computer Science
Maria Gonzalez Graduate School of Management
Joseph Biello Mathematics
Tim Lewis Mathematics
William Tavernetti Mathematics
Becca Thomases Mathematics
John Mahoney Physics

University Employees

Name Department
Sneha Patrachari NEAT

Post-doctoral Students

Name Department
Jinxiu Liao Biomedical Engineering
Christopher Ellison Physics

Graduate Students

Name Program
Tom Chartrand Applied Mathematics
Calina Copos Applied Mathematics
Ryan Halabi Applied Mathematics
Haotian Li Applied Mathematics
Roberto Martinez Applied Mathematics
Swati Patel Applied Mathematics
Dale Trockel Applied Mathematics
Subhajit Banerjee Civil and Environmental Engineering
Omar Hafez Civil and Environmental Engineering
Babak Kamranimoghaddam Civil and Environmental Engineering
Gerardo Rocha Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kaveh Zamani Civil and Environmental Engineering
Arlie Capps Computer Science
Sam Johnson Computer Science
Luan Nguyen Computer Science
Rashid Reza Owlia Hydrologic Sciences
Amanda Back Mathematics
Alexander Berrian Mathematics
Eric Brattain-Morrin Mathematics
Philip Kopel Mathematics
Henry Kvinge Mathematics
Chuanbin Li Mathematics
Lu Li Mathematics
Shuyang Ling Mathematics
Carson Rogers Mathematics
Eugene Shvarts Mathematics
Keith Sollers Mathematics
David Stein Mathematics
Chelsea Weaver Mathematics
Phu Ta Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Minh Tran Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Chang Vang Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Easton White Population Biology

Post Baccalaureate Students

Name Program
Maya Nelson Education Credential

Undergraduate Students

Name Major
Ana Alicia Mederos-Aguilar Applied Mathematics
Yuhao Xie Applied Mathematics
He Huang Chemical Engineering
Yuanbo Li Mathematics
Renze Wang Mathematics
Chenxiong Yi Mechanical Engineering
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