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 ===== Upcoming Events ===== ===== Upcoming Events =====
-==== 2nd Annual Davis SIAM Round-table on Summer Internships,​ Workshops, and Extra-Academic Experiences ====+Stay tuned for our next event!
-//October 4th, 2016//\\ +===== Past Events =====
-//​Mathematical Sciences Building, Room 1147, Time TBD//+
-Back by popular demand! This event gives students the chance to learn about internships and other extra-academic opportunities from their fellow UC Davis graduate students. The goals are to increase awareness of industrial applications for mathematicsand provide a social forum where students interested in applied mathematics can exchange expertise. Snacks will be provided!+==== Jean-Paul WatsonSandia National Laboratories ====
-===== Past Events =====+//​[[https://​​cfdocs/​CompResearch/​templates/​insert/​profile.cfm?​snl_id=90673 |Jean-Paul Watson]], Sandia National Laboratories//​\\ 
 +//October 25th, 2016// 
 +//Seminar: Applications of and Challenges Associated With Stochastic Optimization "In the Wild"//​\\ 
 +//​Mathematical Sciences Building, Room 1147, 2:10 PM-3:00 PM// 
 +Abstract: Due to recent advances in both mathematics and algorithmics,​ stochastic optimization models are now to the point where they are starting to become computationally tractable at reasonable scales. However, significant challenges remain on both fronts, in terms of both problem classes and application environments that can be addressed. In this talk, I will discuss key applications of stochastic optimization in two large and related application spaces: critical infrastructure protection and power systems operations / planning. The talk will focus on both the applications themselves and mathematical and computational challenges that are inhibiting the broader adoption of stochastic optimization in these contexts. 
 +==== 2nd Annual Davis SIAM Round-table on Summer Internships,​ Workshops, and Extra-Academic Experiences ​==== 
 +//October 6th, 2016//\\ 
 +//​Mathematical Sciences Building, Room 1147, Time: 2-3 pm// 
 +This social event is designed to raise awareness of summer opportunities for applied mathematicians outside of academia. Students who participated in internships share their experiences in a casual environment designed to facilitate discussion. This year included graduate students from mathematics,​ statistics, and computer science, and featured a variety of internships from across the public and private sectors.
 ==== Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn ==== ==== Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn ====
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